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Birdie wall hanger is a fresh spring addition to the interior for any room in the home, as well as a suitable gentle gift for a friend. Brings comfort and smiles to you and your guests. We recommend it mainly for light accessories, including kitchen accessories. And why not for your car or home keys? Due to the fine design and craftsmanship of the hanger, we do not recommend loading it with heavy items. Powder coating provides protection over time.

We offer an additional idea for using it as decoration - attach your favorite photos to a string and hang them on Birdie to decorate your home.

An original and non-standard gift idea, suitable for any occasion!


Product information

Material: Metal

Coating: Powder coating

Color: Black

Weight: 1 kg

Mounting kit included

EAN: 3800237900381

Returns and exchanges

In case the product does not meet your expectations for any reason you can return or exchange in the first 14 days after your purchase, no questions asked.


Little songbirds on a branch

Environmental impact

At Steel Magics, we pay special attention to sustainable development and environmental and nature conservation. Therefore, with us you will find:

  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • product made from over 80% recycled metal

For the production of this product we use technologies with high energy efficiency and low resource consumption, through which we strive to reduce the carbon footprint for nature.


If you have a special desire to customize the model, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities, including chosing a different color.

We could also make the model as a wall decoration, without the hanger hooks.

Mounting method